Genres: Literary Fiction, Short Stories
Tag: Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Short Stories
ISBN: 9781519357083

The Hireling is a superb collection of short stories that will keep you amused and entertained for hours.

This eclectic mix of short stories spans countries far and wide, an array of genres, characters old and young, and has pithy, clever plots that will have you utterly addicted.

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About the Book

Set in rural Dorset, ‘The Hireling’ is a story packed full of intrigue. Opening at the celebratory scenes of the annual Hireling fair, the story soon turns dark and mysterious. Redman, the poultry fettler is a shady character who keeps himself to himself. But is he hiding a terrible secret? Is he responsible for the savagery during the early morning hours? From fun and laughter to murders and mayhem – will the real killer ever be found?

‘She Loves Me’ tells the story of a down-on-his-luck London busker whose life is transformed when he buys a dancing dog from a questionable old character in the local pub. The crowds gather every time he plays, fill his cap with cash and afterwards, he and the dog celebrate in style. But when the dog disappears, who would have guessed what had happened to him? And why have his loyalties suddenly change?

If it’s cowboys and Indians you’re interested in, then you’ll devour ‘The Incident at Casa Verde’. Steeped in colourful authenticity and vivid imagery, this is a story brimming with atmosphere. From the opening lines, the dark, cinematic feel will have you hooked, the dialogue will draw you in and your imagination will run riot.

And there are so many more stories to indulge you, too. The author’s unquestionable talent at setting a scene, creating authentic characters and crafting a convincing plotline is evident in every story in this refreshing collection. This is the perfect book for all readers who love a well-fashioned yarn.

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